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Ants of all species are the most problematic pest that we deal with. In order to treat for ants you must understand their life cycle, Biology and Habits. Ants go through complete metamorphosis. (Egg,Larva,Pupae,Adult) Unfortunately this process can take up to 30-40 days for the ant to complete its life cycle. Eggs are layed, then molts into Larvae. Worker Ants spend a big part of their day foraging for food in order to feed the larvae which eats only solid foods. Once this stage is complete the ant enter whats called the pupal stage. At this stage the ants form completely changes from the larvae stage. Its appearance is of an adult ant but its antenna and legs are folded. once its exoskeleton hardens, it enters the adult stage.

If you are having an ant problem of any species, it is Paramount that you give WCPS a call NOW! We have the knowledge, expertise and skill set to ensure we provide the best possible solution for you and your household. We understand the habits and Biology of Ants. Your Specialist will complete a full inspection and discuss a realistic treatment strategy with you. A customized plan of attack will be implemented so you can have the peace of mind you deserve. In the meantime we recommend you increase the amount of sanitizing and vacuuming you are doing. Make sure your trash containers are emptied and cleaned weekly. Remove any tree limbs or shrubs from making contact to your structure. Remove any firewood or trash from your structure as well. These are all steps homeowners can take in order to minimize ant activity.

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